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What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum is a common skin disease that is caused by a contagious virus. The disease generally presents itself in a series of 10 or 20 bumps but the appearance of more is possible. It is often spread by scratching or picking at the bumps.


Who Gets It?

This contagious condition is usually spread by contact with another person displaying symptoms. It can also be passed to another person by sharing clothing, towels, or gym equipment - anything that touches the skin. This skin condition is prevalent in young children, even those with a healthy immune system.  Patients with atopic dermatitis may be especially prone to getting these viral skin lesions.



Symptoms present after a person contracts the virus. While this can occur at any time, the virus thrives in warm, humid places. This makes the condition more prevalent in areas with that type of natural environment. However, warm indoor environments such as gyms and pools can also encourage the spread of the virus.

Treatment Options

Most symptoms and signs of this condition would go away without treatment in a period of years, but we recommend a variety of methods to remove the lesions.  These methods include cryosurgery or curettage surgery to freeze or scrape the bumps off this skin. This will help get rid of the virus and prevent the infection of others. In some cases topical prescription creams can be used to help get rid of them.


How We Can Help

We perform all of your surgical options in our office. If you’re concerned you may have contracted this virus, we can schedule a consultation with of of our Providers. Call Harmonie Medical today for your first appointment. We accept many patients from Evans, Martinez, Augusta, Grovetown, Aiken, and North Augusta, but we would be happy to see you no matter where you are coming from.

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